A crazy busy month or two

Hubby has been on holidays since October. It’s wonderful having him home, and it’s a nice glimpse of what retirement will be like in a few years. Unfortunately it’s the rainy season here, so we have only managed to hit the beach three times so far.

We also had a wonderful unplanned family reunion. Hubby’s siblings all came to the island for a week! It was nice catching up with his older brother, and even with all the rain there was still a lot of great food, laughter, and late nights!

School has been fun, but a bit disrupted. We lost our computer for a month thanks to a blown fan and video card. It’s finally fixed so now we can get back to our routine.

So now that life is settling down into a rhythm again, I hope to get back to blogging a bit more. For now, I’m just trying to re-install all the lost programs on our computer thanks to it’s meltdown a month ago.



Preparing for a new me…

Hubby and I are struggling with our diet, or should I say lack of a proper diet. We eat lots of things we shouldn’t, and rarely get even a serving of fruit or vegetables a day. 

This Saturday, my hubby starts his vacation. This is the perfect time to begin to truly take care of ourselves. We’ll be trying out an actual meal plan that’s packed with fruit, veggies, healthy protein, and minimal starches. No sugar. I’m even going to be using Splenda in my coffee instead. I’m not sure how to get around my chocolate necessity though. Maybe a sugar free bar every now and then…

Tomorrow I’ll be finalizing our menu for next week, and putting together a grocery list. Probably on Sunday we’ll get to the grocery store, and hopefully not fall over from sticker shock! I know eating healthy can be expensive, but I’m hoping that we can get a lot at the market as well. Monday we’ll begin eating right, drinking more water, and starting to exercise, beginning with a daily 30 minute walk. Peanut will love the chance to scamper around if we go walking at the savannah.

I’m hoping to stay on a 1200 calorie, high protein diet, but will go to 1500 calories if it gets too rough. Hubby will be on a 2000 calorie diet. Wish us luck!

Homeschooling sometimes means we still learn even if we’re sick with pneumonia…

On the last Friday of our week off Peanut was sick. It wasn’t a good week to begin with. We had started it by attending his Godmother’s funeral. She was only 38 years old. Leukemia sucks.

Somewhere in that day, probably in church, Peanut came in contact with the nasty virus that’s going around. By Wednesday he was sneezing and coughing. By late Friday night (or early Saturday morning) we were in the hospital emergency. After getting a couple of masks for his asthma, we went to X-Ray for a chest film. Poor little guy had the start of pneumonia. We caught it before it got serious, but we still had to take it easy for a week or so.

Now our dilemma. Do we take another week off? Do we continue with our lessons? Do we just do bare minimum? Plus I started to feel sick too! Rather than lose a week, we chose to do bare minimum. 

Our book was “We’re going on a Leaf Hunt”. We sorted and counted leaves that we made from construction paper since a nature walk was out of the question. We planted some seeds to watch them grow. We watched an episode of magic school bus to see how trees help the ecosystem. We made a map of the places the kids in the book went to, ending with a stinky skunk! We didn’t do many arts or crafts, but we can do them in our unit on apple trees later this year. We also did some math, handwriting practice, and learned the sight word “go”. Not too bad for a sick week. 
By Saturday Peanut was feeling much better. His mama, not so much. I could barely get out of bed. Advil cold and sinus finally kicked in by Sunday, and I’m also feeling a lot better.

This week is all about insects – but that post is coming this weekend, or maybe even early next week.

Till then…

What do you do with a week like this…

This past week was very weird. Small things began to annoy me, and as the week went on, things began to build. It was as if a dark cloud was ready to start pouring down on me, then by a week ago Saturday life took on a real weirdness that even though I don’t want to explain here, come the night of July 29th, my emotions were all over the place. Just to tell how much of a basket case I was, Hubby and I and Peanut went for a drive that night and bought dinner and ice cream. Hubby wasn’t feeling good, so instead of a nice long drive, we came home early. Good thing. In my addled state, I forgot I had put the kettle on because Peanut wanted some hot chocolate. It was happily burning away on the stove 90 minutes later when we got home. Saying I was distracted is an understatement. Now I have one black kettle to show for it. Nothing a bit of elbow grease won’t fix, but it was just another reminder of how my emotional state was upside down.

On July 30, I was preparing Peanut’s lessons for the upcoming week, only to discover that our game based math curriculum was missing the crucial parts – the GAME BOARDS!!!! Not one single game board was included! Okay, could my week get any worse? Hopefully this was the end of it.

Last Monday I contacted both Rainbow Resources (the company I purchased the Math curriculum from) and McRuffy. McRuffy replied quickly, they sent me a pdf of the first two game boards, and assured me they would mail me them all ASAP, but it would probably take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Phew, my bad luck/bad streak was ending, or so I thought…

Tuesday after Hubby got home from work we received an awful phone call. Peanut’s Godmother passed away. She was only 38! She was estranged from the family since she and my brother in law were divorced a few months ago, but still, she was Peanut’s Godmother and would always be a part of his life. She went into hospital about a month ago, and died of acute aggressive leukemia. Way too young…

So even through all this, we carried on. We did our lessons (we missed Friday, but will make up for it this week). We had fun, laughted, and learned. Still, this past week has really made me treasure all the little things. All the small moments we take for granted. Give your loved ones your time. Put down the darned tablet and smart phone, and wrap your arms around those you love. People should always come before things…


Not a great week…

Last week was definitely one of those that I’d like to forget. Although Peanut did well school-wise, to be honest, the book The Little Island wasn’t a big hit for him or me. We did have fun, and learned a lot, but it wasn’t as exciting as the past two units. This coming week looks fun though! I’ll write about that in another post.

So why was it a bad week? Well, so much happened and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have been on the verge of tears for days.

It started innocently enough. The huge cross stitch I’ve been working on is almost done. about 1500 stitches to go, and I ran out of one color. So close to finishing, and now it’s put on hold.

Then there was a facebook post from a relative that had me reeling. I’m in an inter-racial marriage, and this post was a vile piece of racism that really hurt. We are all entitled to our beliefs, but I don’t really know what to think about this person anymore.

Next came Peanut. He has been a huge handful this week. His pinnacle was when he was left alone for 5 minutes and decided that the floor needed to become an ocean. Yep. I went to the bathroom, came back out and the living room tiles were soaking wet. Not just a drop or two of water, but a good 4 litres or so of water all over the floor. Thank goodness it was tiles and I could squeegee it all right out the door.

After a few more things happened (I can’t talk about them, but they left me on the verge of tears for days now), the last straw happened Sunday. I’m getting Peanut’s curriculum organized for the week only to discover that his math curriculum is missing some crucial things – the game boards! We chose McRuffy Color Math because it was GAME BASED, and they forgot to include all the game boards! Normally this would be a non-issue, the company should be able to just mail us the missing items, but it’s a huge problem. We don’t live in North America! If they send them by our shipping company, we’ll be spending about $25 US in shipping, taxes, and duty for a package that we technically already paid for. If they actually agree to send it directly to us, we probably still will be charged taxes and duty, but not shipping. Again, paying for something we already paid for. Or the next option is that they say, too bad so sad, we can’t help you since it’s been over two months since you ordered. I hope to find out today what they will do.

So here’s hoping this week goes much better, or i’m gonna start “Irish”ing up my coffee!




Keeping my hands busy on my week off!

This past week was our break, and the rain kept falling. The chill in the air was nice, but never really lasted long. Once the sun peeked through, it was stinking hot again.

After tidying the house a bit, Peanut played Minecraft, watched power rangers, and some you tube videos (his favorite ones are Stampy longhead, hulian and Maya, the axel show, and hobby kids tv). I got my Netflix binge watching on – Star Trek DS9. While watching, I always had some kind of craft going on.

I managed to get about 500 stitches done on my current cross stitch, Fire and Ice. It’s looking great, and now I only have one more page to go, or about 1400 stitches, more or less!

 when I get tired of seeing red and blue, I head for my yarn. I am working on a crochet shawl for myself. This will be the first crochet item I’ve made for myself in years. It’s called the Virus Shawl, and there are many free patterns for it on the internet. I’m using some fingering yarn I found at our local craft shop called Naipaul’s, and a size 3.25mm hook.

The other project I’m working on is a tatted doily. I’m using size 24 ecru thread, and it’s working up nicely. 

I planned to get some sewing done too, Peanut needs new clothes since he’s grown overnight again. The problem is our older son, a 21 year old that I’ll call “Night Gamer”. He desperately needs a new bed, and his room needs some renovations. Until we get his room done, he’s sleeping his days away on the living room couch. I’d love to pull out my sewing machine, but I don’t want to wake up Night Gamer. Until we get his room done my sewing machine is off limits to me. 

This week I’m hoping to get more cross stitching done, and with luck it might be finished by the end of next month!

List a day – favourite tools and supplies

I’m a homeschooling, handicraft mama. My favourite tools and supplies tell this very well:


  • Our Epson eco-tank printer. This thing is amazing!
  • A great pair of sharp scissors
  • Binders! Preferably D ring
  • Page protectors – great for using dry or wet erase markers on so your paper doesn’t get messed up! (For homeschooling and crafts)
  • A really good stapler
  • Cardstock!
  • Internet
  • 10 drawer storage cart – great to keep all the day’s work organized (we use a workbox system),
  • Ink pens, I like very fine ones -0.7 or finer! 
  • A really good sharpener

And for crafts:

  • good quality needles and crochet hooks
  • A pair of tiny, sharp scissors
  • Good lighting
  • Page protectors
  • Internet & YouTube
  • Ziploc bags for all the bits and pieces
  • Plastic storage containers that can handle all the yarn, cloth, etc.