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Another math curriculum!

The homeschool struggle for great curriculum that fits your learning style is an ongoing quest. I was looking for a printable map for our wall, but instead of searching for “map”, I typed in “mep” instead. What a happy accident!

What it led me to was an awesome site called Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. I was totally blown away by this site. It is a fully scripted, complete, comprehensive, and free math curriculum from Kindergarten to grade 6.

This curriculum was developed by the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) at Plymouth University for students in primary schools. According to their overview :

-Lesson plans that are well prepared
– interactive teaching. All students are given the chance to demonstrate, answer, explain, suggest.
– Friendly, non-confrontational learning, and having fun! Mistakes used as teaching points.
– Spiral curriculum with continual revision; learning by heart encouraged, with progression in small, logical steps.
– Visualisation and manipulatives are used in the early years.
– Students give the solutions, not the teacher, and students are expected to correct their own work.

Each grade except kindergarten includes workbooks, teacher’s guide, printables, and revisions. Here is a link to the order of topics and the summary of the course for each grade.

Also, each lesson gives the approximate time it takes to do, but this is for classroom purposes. Homeschooling takes about 2/3 less time! We tend to do a 30 minute lesson in less than 10 minutes.

There is even a South African, Spanish, and Jamaican version available!

I decided that I’d try using the kindergarten reception year for Peanut now. It is supposed to be used twice a week, but since we only have 10 more weeks to go, I’m using it daily. There are 60 lessons in reception, so we’ll still have to do 2 weeks extra to finish it up before our next school year starts.

We are also using Math U See Primer, we’re now on lesson 22. Peanut is doing very well this year with it. I really want to use McRuffy Math too, but I really need to play more board games with him first. Peanut just doesn’t understand the concept of taking turns, or even moving only your own piece when it’s your turn, so Candyland is going to become an almost daily game in the near future. Hahaha!



like pulling teeth…

A little over 20 years ago I had my very first root canal. Anyone who’s had one knows it’s definitely not fun! But to be fair, once it was done, the bliss of being pain free and able to eat normally again definitely is worth all the time in that dentist chair.

Image result for molar

Just after Christmas I was eating something, I think it was peanuts or something else kind of hard. All of the sudden I felt something strange in that back molar, like a seed caught between my tooth and gum. I used some dental floss, then gave my teeth a good brushing. That’s when I felt it. A small, hard, stone in my mouth. Not to get too graphic, I took it out and found that it was part of my tooth. A tiny little white pebble.

Panicked now, I grabbed a flashlight and checked out that weird feeling tooth. It was cracked right in half! My old root canal had failed.

Image result for xray of molar cracked in half

Since there was no nerves, it didn’t hurt. I thought (silly me) that I could wait until we had some extra time and extra money to get it looked at. I also knew that it would likely need to be pulled. This meant weeks of recovery and then more money to fit a bridge. I was dreading having a huge hole where my tooth once was.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls into your plans. My tooth became abscessed. No more waiting. I had to get the deed done. After a course of antibiotics I was ready to say goodbye to this painful tooth. But even that wasn’t as straight forward as I thought.

Most tooth extractions take about 5 minutes after you’re numbed up. Basically it’s supposed to be a lot of wiggling the tooth to loosen it, then a big yank and it’s over. The healing now starts.

But this is me. I’ve never been a straight forward patient. My tooth didn’t want to come out. It actually had fused to my jaw. What was a routine procedure became surgery. Scalpels, drills, chisels, and a very patient dentist! One hour and three stitches later the deed was finally done.

It’s been a little over a week since then, and I’m healing very well. I’m still eating a soft diet, but it’s wonderful to be pain free.

But there’s a catch. Before we can fit a bridge, we discovered that the old root canal caused a cavity in the next molar. I go in a week to have that filled. I hope it’s just a straight forward procedure, but like everything else medical in my life, I’m expecting an “oh my, this isn’t normal, we’ll have to pull a hail Mary to fix this…”


Image result for dental visit

So for this week, my planner has been decorated accordingly. I’m living off of mushy food and coffee right now, another week or two at least.

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And such is my life!