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When you find a hidden gem…

Peanut struggles with handwriting. He does well when he can write big, but our curriculum printouts have letters that are just too small for his ability. After feeling his frustration for a couple of months, I scoured the net and all my resources on the computer. I stumbled upon a sweet little nugget that I got my hands on two years ago and set aside till he was ready for it.

K4/K5 Kindergarten Curriculum - PDF - Click Image to Close

I got this fromĀ Confessions of a homeschooler and really took a good look at what it offered. I was amazed at the quality of this curriculum, and it had the one thing I have been searching for: letter writing practice with BIG letters!


This was exactly what I’ve been looking for! As an added bonus, it has sight word practice, early math, handwriting, spelling using letter tiles, and so much more! Even though it’s a 34 week curriculum and we only have 18 weeks left of Moving Beyond the Page, I plan to add this curriculum onto our workload. It is really amazing and worth the money! Yes, it’s for ages 4-5, but as any homeschooler knows, age is just a suggestion. Some kids may breeze through this at age 2, and others may struggle with it at age 10.

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Peanut actually managed to write legibly for the first time!

So this past month was a bit difficult. Our computer decided to overheat and fry the video card. The hard drive also was affected and had to be wiped, but thankfully all our homeschooling documents were backed up first!

We have had fun doing our unit on owls, Halloween, and the Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree. The unit on Thanksgiving was a bust though – we ended up not reading the book (too “american” for us since Peanut is half caribbean and half Canadian) and just did our own thing.

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For the seasons/apple tree unit we got messy, had fun, and even made an apple pie!

Next week should be fun too – the topic is DINOSAURS!


A crazy busy month or two

Hubby has been on holidays since October. It’s wonderful having him home, and it’s a nice glimpse of what retirement will be like in a few years. Unfortunately it’s the rainy season here, so we have only managed to hit the beach three times so far.

We also had a wonderful unplanned family reunion. Hubby’s siblings all came to the island for a week! It was nice catching up with his older brother, and even with all the rain there was still a lot of great food, laughter, and late nights!

School has been fun, but a bit disrupted. We lost our computer for a month thanks to a blown fan and video card. It’s finally fixed so now we can get back to our routine.

So now that life is settling down into a rhythm again, I hope to get back to blogging a bit more. For now, I’m just trying to re-install all the lost programs on our computer thanks to it’s meltdown a month ago.