What do you do with a week like this…

This past week was very weird. Small things began to annoy me, and as the week went on, things began to build. It was as if a dark cloud was ready to start pouring down on me, then by a week ago Saturday life took on a real weirdness that even though I don’t want to explain here, come the night of July 29th, my emotions were all over the place. Just to tell how much of a basket case I was, Hubby and I and Peanut went for a drive that night and bought dinner and ice cream. Hubby wasn’t feeling good, so instead of a nice long drive, we came home early. Good thing. In my addled state, I forgot I had put the kettle on because Peanut wanted some hot chocolate. It was happily burning away on the stove 90 minutes later when we got home. Saying I was distracted is an understatement. Now I have one black kettle to show for it. Nothing a bit of elbow grease won’t fix, but it was just another reminder of how my emotional state was upside down.

On July 30, I was preparing Peanut’s lessons for the upcoming week, only to discover that our game based math curriculum was missing the crucial parts – the GAME BOARDS!!!! Not one single game board was included! Okay, could my week get any worse? Hopefully this was the end of it.

Last Monday I contacted both Rainbow Resources (the company I purchased the Math curriculum from) and McRuffy. McRuffy replied quickly, they sent me a pdf of the first two game boards, and assured me they would mail me them all ASAP, but it would probably take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Phew, my bad luck/bad streak was ending, or so I thought…

Tuesday after Hubby got home from work we received an awful phone call. Peanut’s Godmother passed away. She was only 38! She was estranged from the family since she and my brother in law were divorced a few months ago, but still, she was Peanut’s Godmother and would always be a part of his life. She went into hospital about a month ago, and died of acute aggressive leukemia. Way too young…

So even through all this, we carried on. We did our lessons (we missed Friday, but will make up for it this week). We had fun, laughted, and learned. Still, this past week has really made me treasure all the little things. All the small moments we take for granted. Give your loved ones your time. Put down the darned tablet and smart phone, and wrap your arms around those you love. People should always come before things…



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