Not a great week…

Last week was definitely one of those that I’d like to forget. Although Peanut did well school-wise, to be honest, the book The Little Island wasn’t a big hit for him or me. We did have fun, and learned a lot, but it wasn’t as exciting as the past two units. This coming week looks fun though! I’ll write about that in another post.

So why was it a bad week? Well, so much happened and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have been on the verge of tears for days.

It started innocently enough. The huge cross stitch I’ve been working on is almost done. about 1500 stitches to go, and I ran out of one color. So close to finishing, and now it’s put on hold.

Then there was a facebook post from a relative that had me reeling. I’m in an inter-racial marriage, and this post was a vile piece of racism that really hurt. We are all entitled to our beliefs, but I don’t really know what to think about this person anymore.

Next came Peanut. He has been a huge handful this week. His pinnacle was when he was left alone for 5 minutes and decided that the floor needed to become an ocean. Yep. I went to the bathroom, came back out and the living room tiles were soaking wet. Not just a drop or two of water, but a good 4 litres or so of water all over the floor. Thank goodness it was tiles and I could squeegee it all right out the door.

After a few more things happened (I can’t talk about them, but they left me on the verge of tears for days now), the last straw happened Sunday. I’m getting Peanut’s curriculum organized for the week only to discover that his math curriculum is missing some crucial things – the game boards! We chose McRuffy Color Math because it was GAME BASED, and they forgot to include all the game boards! Normally this would be a non-issue, the company should be able to just mail us the missing items, but it’s a huge problem. We don’t live in North America! If they send them by our shipping company, we’ll be spending about $25 US in shipping, taxes, and duty for a package that we technically already paid for. If they actually agree to send it directly to us, we probably still will be charged taxes and duty, but not shipping. Again, paying for something we already paid for. Or the next option is that they say, too bad so sad, we can’t help you since it’s been over two months since you ordered. I hope to find out today what they will do.

So here’s hoping this week goes much better, or i’m gonna start “Irish”ing up my coffee!





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