Our senior kindergarten begins!

Captain’s log

Stardate 07072017…

We have begun our new mission, a 1 year voyage to explore, find new and interesting things, to boldly go and learn!

Our first week has come to an end, but my promising young ensign has truly shown a lot of exuberance and determination.


We spotted an interesting creature in a book we read, A Is For Musk Ox, and Ensign Peanut studied it in detail. I’m impressed by the facts that he was able to provide us with in the Social Studies lab – his knowledge of the Musk Oxen is quite astounding. He was able to inform me of their habitat (snowy tundra in   places like Canada’s North and in Greenland), their diet (mainly grass and plants), that they live in groups called a herd, they have hooves and horns, they charge as fast as a car, and that wolves are their predators.

In the Language Arts bay, he learned to print the capital and lowercase letter a, what sounds it makes, and also learned the vocabulary word “herd”.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

He also learned the sight word “you”. Also, he has almost completely memorized the alphabet song! He concluded his week of LA by using two pages in his journal. The first page has an illustration of a baby musk ox, and he wrote about it in his own “handwriting” . On the second page, he drew a picture of a dragon, a castle, and knights. He dictated his story to me, and I dutifully wrote it down, word for word (see photo below). This journal will definitely show his progress as he gets further along in his studies.


He also spent time in the Mathematics department. He has successfully learned how to count to 14 without help, and recognized the numbers 0-20 with ease. He knows the basic 2D shapes, and has also learned what a cylinder, cone, and cube are. Sphere shapes are a bit trickier, he prefers to call them a ball! He also is learning to write the numbers from 0-10, and has been doing very well as you can see:

The arts lab seems to be a favorite for him. This week Ensign Peanut made several drawings of musk oxen, and even did a mixed media piece using crayons, glue, cotton balls, and yarn.

To help unwind, he also visited the gym, and had fun imitating a musk ox. He stomped his feet, let out a snort, then came crashing into a pillow head first just like a pair of musk oxen do.

We Now have two days of rest and relaxation, then on to our next adventure!

Captain out.


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