Almost ready for our 2017 – 2018 school year!

It has been a hard couple of weeks here. Rainy season is in full tilt. Tropical storm Bret ripped through the island. We all came down with a cold. But things got a bit bright last Saturday. Peanut’s curriculum from Moving Beyond the Page arrived!

This 27.7 pound box of awesomeness brightened up my day. I am amazed at how well this curricula is organized, and how much fun and learning will be taking place over the next year.

31 books were included, and they range from old classics, newberry award winners, and new books that should be in any children’s home library.

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Also in the box was pretty much all the materials to implement this curriculum. They came in a separate box, my 8″ fire tablet is on it to demonstrate the size, it’s huge!:

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And inside is an arts and crafts dream! General supplies like play dough, paint powder, yarn, butcher’s paper, construction paper, etc. plus 30 ziploc bags of supplies sorted out by each unit. No sorting out, no scrambling for weird items. It’s almost completely grab n go!

Image may contain: indoor

Also included (yes, there’s more!) is 30 flash cards for the word of the week, alphabet flash cards, number 1 – 20 flash cards, an index box to store them in, and a laminated number chart from 1 – 100, and a laminated map of the world!

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I chose to use the online instruction guide and student pages, both for easier access to all the web links, and to save a bit of money since I wouldn’t have to pay shipping, duty or taxes on them. It’s exactly the same content as the hard copies, but to me it seems more convenient. I can access it on the computer, tablet, or smart phone! If I know ahead of time that we’ll be homeschooling somewhere without internet, I can easily copy and paste the unit into Word and print it out. Easy as can be!

So what is this curricula missing? What do we still need to get? The usual school supplies like pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, erasers, glue, a ruler, tape, and a stapler. Oh, and shaving cream. Yep, shaving cream!

I’m also getting a separate math curriculum, even though MBTP does cover math every week, Peanut can use the extra math practice from a stand-alone math program. I’ll write more about what we chose for math when we pick it up (it arrived at the shipping office yesterday, we’ll be picking it up Saturday!)



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