The end of our school year

Last week marked the end of our Junior Kindergarten year! In one short year, Peanut has gone from only knowing 6 letters of the alphabet, and counting to 5, to knowing all the alphabet names and sounds, counting to 12, recognizing numbers beyond 20, he can read 60+ sight words, add one digit numbers, sing songs, knows opposites, beginning to rhyme, and his fine motor control is improving a bit!

These next two weeks are his break, and he’s discovered (much to my delight) that he likes Wild Krats and Krat’s Creatures! He’s learning even though school is done! Now to just get him hooked on Magic School Bus and I’d be laughing…

What have I been up to? Preparing for his 2017-2018 school year. We’ll be using Moving Beyond the Page level 4-5 and for math we chose McRuffy Color Math Kindergarten. Both shipments have arrived to our overseas carrier, so now it’s just a waiting game for them to get to the island and clear customs. Then we pay for shipping, duty, and taxes, and we’ll be almost ready for July 3 and our new school year.

We still need to pick up a few things as we go along, but this weekend we can hopefully get his student journal (the notebooks that have lines only from the middle of the page down, the top half is so the child can draw pictures to illustrate their story). We also need things like erasers, glue sticks, tape, glue, post-it notes, and shaving cream. Yes, shaving cream! This curriculum is very hands on, and our first week has us using shaving cream!

I have the lessons all printed out, and the student pages don’t get printed until the Sunday before their unit begins. I have our planner ready till December, but I need some yellow ink for our printer so I can print out January to June. I also need to figure out how to store all the supplies that Moving Beyond the Page provides. Maybe a storage bin with a lid big enough to hold 30 weeks of craft supplies.

Then there’s the books. 30 books. I think I’ll be saving up to buy a bookshelf.

Anyway, Peanut just woke up, my coffee is cold, and I need to get on with this relaxing friday! Till next time…


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