It’s been a painful month

hI haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been battling with a toothache that has lead to a root canal! Yikes! I’ve been to the dentist three times already, and after a month it’s almost done. Yesterday was the first day in a month that I haven’t been in excruciating pain! Next week I go back for my forth and final time for the insertion of the post and crown.

I’ve been living off of Ramen noodles, soup, bananas, and all sorts of mushy foods for a month. I’m craving a great big, juicy, sloppy, messy burger so badly! I’ve lost a bit of weight, but not really enough to notice. haha!

Homeschooling throughout this pain had been a challenge. Some days we accomplished everything, other days we only got the basics done. A few days we just sat in our PJ’s and relaxed, but we made up the time later in the week. I absolutely love the flexibility of homeschooling!

Peanut has been enjoying his time on the computer, he’s become quite the Minecraft expert! I was worried at first about all the time he has put into this game, but then I realized it can be a wonderful learning tool too! He’s learning physics, botany, math, and art, and the best part is he doesn’t even realize it!

He has built pirate ships, houses, pyramids, tree houses, and yesterday he was working on a spaceship! His vocabulary has exploded again, and words like “enormous” “combined” “cobble stones” “environment” and “habitat” have become routine in his ongoing play by play commentary about what he’s currently building!

I’ve been getting ready for my eldest stepson’s wedding. I volunteered to make and decorate cookies for the wedding. I found a store that carries the decorator tips and couplers for the icing, and I may end up getting a few more! Of course the heart shaped cookie cutter I want is sold out (thank you, valentine’s day, haha) but I did find a store that is selling a 102 cookie cutter set that has 6 types of hearts in it! Meringue powder seems to be scarce on the island right now, but I’m hoping that the stores will get new stock soon. I could make the icing with egg whites instead, but I’d prefer the meringue powder. I have to start baking the 120 – 150 cookies starting next week.

 My oldest boys also turned 24 today! They have become such amazing, kind, loving, funny, responsible, handsome men. They are a true joy in my life, and I’m so lucky and proud to be their mom!

So now to say goodnight, since my youngest son wants a bagel with smoked salmon (but he insists he doesn’t like fish!), and I think I hear a cup of coffee with a dash of vanilla calling my name!


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