Math: A quick change, hopefully for the better

I haven’t posted in a while, it’s been a few weeks full of crazy, hectic, nail biting chaos. Even homeschool has taken a back seat. We have done the basics like phonics, reading, and read alouds, but everything else was just too much to fit into our days. That will be a post for another time!

What I have been going a bit obsessive over has been Peanut’s math skills. He just hasn’t grasped the concept that there are numbers between 12-18! Why oh why can’t he count to 20? He can tell me what the numbers are when he sees them, but when he counts, it goes 11-12-18-19-20…

I have tried Math U See Primer, but that moved at a faster pace than what we were both comfortable with. It starts slow, gentle, then suddenly introduces numbers up to 100 and then 2 lessons later introduces skip counting! ARGH I wanted to bang my head against the desk! This was set aside for at least the rest of this school year. We need to focus on only the numbers from 1-2o or a bit beyond.

So I moved our focus to MCP Mathematics Kindergarten. I thought it would keep us busy for a few months, but alas, no! It focused on numbers 1-10. A great review, and great at restoring Peanut’s confidence, but 200 pages were done in 6 weeks!

So after searching, I found Kumon numbers 1-30 book, but it’s only 80 pages, and really just a suppliment. We do about 4 pages a day right now. Peanut needs more of a challenge!

Enter Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking Co! I downloaded their samples from Beginning 1 (targeted to 3 and 4 year olds), Beginning 2 (for 4-5 year olds) and Level A for Kindergartners. Peanut tried the worksheets, and we found level A was too hard, Beginning 1 was too easy, and Beginning 2 was just right (why does this remind me of Goldilocks and the three bears? Bwahahaha!) So I bought Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 2, and with fingers crossed, we will hopefully see some progress in the next little while!

This book is that it’s available as a hardcopy or as an ebook, so I bought the ebook and it’s actually spitting out of our printer right now!  What attracted me to this series was the amount of stellar reviews, the ease of use (I love open and go books! Prep time can really suck with some curriculum!) and the pages are fun! It makes me happy to look at the bright, colorful pages. Take a peek at a page:

How cute is this? It actually makes bugs look cute! Not only does it work on basic math skills, but also has a few challenging puzzles that take a bit of logic and reasoning skills to do. Here is an example:

I’m really hoping Peanut enjoys this, and he does well with it. At  282 pages, it will take us the rest of the year to do, or may even spill over into next school year! Here’s hoping with fingers crossed that it’s a good fit for Peanut!


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