School daze

We have been in a “let’s not do school today” mood for about a week now. I know it’s because of the Christmas season, and we are all feeling the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the season.

Cookies to bake and decorate, dinners to plan, plus getting the house clean and fresh for the holidays. Allergies acting up, and one of my older sons is sick with a head cold. Not enough sleep, too much coffee, and too much sweets.

So our plan to do our last week of schooling for 2016 didn’t work as planned. Instead of trying to cram it all in, we are now scaling back to only the really important things this week.

Geography, science, art, and phonics have been set aside. So has fine motor skills. We now are pulling out only Peanut’s reading practice, a bit of math, and some read-alouds. This takes about 30 minutes of our day, but spread out over several hours. A bit here and there.

One thing about this season, it really lends itself to learning without even trying.

When we make cookies, Peanut gets to learn about math (counting the measurements for the ingredients), science (how blending the cookies, watching them bake, changes them), and we even throw in art and fine motor skills with the decorating!

Christmas movies and stories teach Peanut about Geography (he learns about the North Pole, Canada), about physics (how Santa gets down chimneys in The Santa Clause), math (counting the reindeer), and even music (all those christmas songs!).

So once again, thank you, homeschooling. I love how flexible and fun you can be, and hopefully these memories will last for years to come.


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