My desk: A list a day for Dec 7

What’s on my desk today/this week?

  • Coffee! (that’s a no brainer, always there, bwahaha!)
  • Planners, lots of planners. One for Peanut’s homeschooling, one for his completed work so far this year, one for me, one for our house, and one for upcoming events.
  • Some of Peanut’s curricula. Math, science, phonics, and reading. These things can’t be scheduled since some days he may do two pages, other days he may do 8. So I have them at hand in case he flies through them quickly.
  • A basket for Peanut’s finished schoolwork. It also holds my pens, markers, highlighters, rulers, etc. and his flashcards for his phonics.
  • Peanut’s Lego

As for what is on my agenda today/this week, it’s:

  • The usual stuff – make and bake fresh bread, sweep, clean, keep the house running.
  • Peanut’s homeschooling: fine motor skills, handwriting, phonics, coloring, thinking skills games, teaching him to read, a puzzle or two, math, science, geography, a couple of sticker books, some STEM using either Lego, Morphun blocks, or some other construction toys, and a read aloud book (this week is Magic Tree House #1 and Danny and the Dinosaur).
  • Do some sewing. Peanut is growing like a bad weed, and he is in desperate need of some t-shirts and pajamas.
  • Doing some crochet for gifts
  • Get to the craft shop for some much needed supplies
  • Binging on Netflix in the evenings!

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