Crochet color pooling, a test of willpower and overcoming frustration

Color Pooling. What is it? It’s taking a skein of variegated yarn and making it into an argyle pattern. It’s not for a beginner, and even the most experienced crocheter will be ready to burn their yarn and throw away all their crochet hooks at some point in this journey.

Most color pooling uses the moss stitch (ch1, sc in space below, ch 1) and although it’s a very easy stitch pattern, getting the tension right is an exercise in frustration. The yarn will never just fall in line. It’s a constant battle. Here is a video by Marly Bird explaining the technique as well as some tips.

Here is an example of an easier yarn. This is Red Heart Super Saver in Sedona. It was a challenge, but it seemed to have well defined color changes, and the lengths of the colors were pretty uniform. There was still a constant battle, but the colors fell in line most of the time, and frogging (aka, taking stitches out, or “rip it, rip it” as a frog says) happened almost every few rows to adjust tension and keep everything lining up.


My next project is with the Red Heart Super Saver in Mistletoe. This is not for the faint of heart! The color changes are more “blended” so it goes from red to a faded pink before the white, then a faded green before coming to the green. The trick with this one is to try to hide the faded parts on each end of the red and green color.

I’ve spent a whole day crocheting, frogging, crocheting, frogging, starting over. I’ve tried different hook sizes from 6.5mm, 6mm, 5.5mm, 4.5mm, and even a 2mm hook. I’ve had the best success with the 4.5mm, but I really need to invest in a 4mm and 5mm hook ASAP.

Here is the best attempt so far, it’s far from my standards, but it’s getting there. As my Hubby said, it looks good, but in the white, it looks like the other colors ran. If it were just for me, I’d keep going, I’m not as picky about things I’ll be keeping for us. But it’s going to be a gift, so guess what? It’s frogging time. Again. I can honestly see why some people want to throw this yarn into the trash and never pick up a crochet hook again.

But as any of my friends and family can tell you, I am STUBBORN. Extremely stubborn. I will NOT be defeated by a ball of yarn that weighs less than my morning coffee! I may need a few coffees to get through this, or some wine so I don’t care (hahaha!) but I’m going to get this to fall in line.

So please excuse me while I go grab a coffee, stock up on chocolate, and continue my battle with these Christmas colors that want to defeat me! Not today, Mistletoe, not today…


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