I find magic in…

30 lists day #4

I find magic in:

  • My husband. 
  • My children. Some days I still can’t believe that these people I created are so amazing
  • The beach! How the ocean makes me feel so small. The breeze, the sand, the waves, they remind me just how wonderous this world is.
  • The little things like the taste of a fresh strawberry or mango. The smell of roses and lilacs. Flowers. 
  • The miracle of birth. How two beings can create life is definitely magic.
  • The rain. From a gentle rain to a raging downpour, I’m drawn to rain like a moth to a flame.
  • Homeschooling our son. I can’t believe that he’s learning so much, and I’ve been there at the helm all the way! This is totally magical to me, and I treasure it.
  • The universe. 

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