People always ask me about…


  • Don’t you need a degree? (nope!)
  • What about socialization? (my Peanut is more social than the average “school kids” because he is an active member of life, not just observing it from a classroom window)
  • What if he wants to go to college or university? (almost all tertiary institutions welcome homeschooled students, and many prefer them over traditionally schooled students)
  • What about testing? (life doesn’t have “tests”, we either know it or not. Homeschooled students also, on average, outperform traditionally schooled students)
  • How do you figure out what to teach? (We cover all the same subjects as traditional school, but we have the luxury to expand on it, and go more in depth if it interests us)
  • What about sports and extra curricular activities? (We can do these too! Piano to karate, cake decorating to sailing lessons. Nothing holding us back!)

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