Homeschooling Log: Stardate 11302016

Captain’s Log:

We are enjoying day 6 of our 10 days of shore leave. It has been a strange but fun 4 weeks of homeschooling, but we need this break for some rest and relaxation.

Ensign Peanut has done some amazing things between homeschooling weeks 11-14. He has navigated through new worlds, and explored them with enthusiasm.

Linguistics were a bit challenging, but he has made the attempt at duplicating various hieroglyphics. Letters such as o,p,q, s,t,e, and the numbers 0-3 were difficult with a pencil, but done on a bigger scale on the whiteboard there was some success. We are aiding Ensign Peanut with his fine motor control by the use of Lego blocks, Kumon Mazes, and various fun coloring and activity books.

Literature has been a well received endeavor. Ensign Peanut has mastered over 55 sight words now, and can phonetically read several more. He has begun chapter four of The Reading Lesson, and has mastered the first two Alphabetti Beginner Phonics books. He will be starting the third Alphabetti Beginner book when we return from shore leave!

Mathematics have seen some changes in curriculum, but Ensign Peanut did not get discouraged. We are now concentrating on mastering how to count to 20. It seems Ensign Peanut has an aversion to the numbers 13-16! He can recognize them by sight, but always skips them when counting to 20.  We will keep at it until he is ready to move on. No rush, though. He has also begun to understand the concept of addition to 10, and is starting to understand subtraction from 10.

Cartography is not one of his favorite things, but he is valiantly trying to understand the four compass points. We may save the rest of this curriculum for next year, as it’s meant more for someone who is skilled in the literary arts and linguistics…

Ensign Peanut has been really enjoying the Science bay. He has finished his unit on force and gravity, and has done several experiments to test his knowledge. He also has done some fun experiments with water beads, and even a spider that grows with water. It tripled in size in just 4 days!

The Thinking Skills lab is probably one of his favorite places to be. Ensign Peanut received a gift of a new game last month called Three Little Piggies and he has had so much fun with it that we don’t think he realizes he is actually learning too! He also received a Lego set, and has been spending much of his free time building with it.

Arts is not one of his favorites either, not unless it involves some form of mess. Ensign Peanut is not a fan of coloring, but he enjoys playdough, painting, clay, glue, and dirty hands! Ensign Peanut definitely likes more tactile art projects!

This captain will now return to her much needed furlough, until next Monday,  Captain out.


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