The joy in my chaotic life

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Everyone has a bit of chaos in their lives. It may not be daily, or even weekly, but it happens. There are some, like me, that seems to swim in it. It pours onto us like the rain, like the sun. It tries to get into our very pores.

I can choose to get angry, rage against it, but it’s about as effective as asking the moon not to rise at night. It is there. It’s going to happen. I accept it. I slowly breathe in, count to three, and let it go. Then I meet it head on.

When my daughters were little, three years old, just the cutest twins you could ever meet, they were the main source of my chaotic life. They were blessed with a mild form of autism called ADHD LLD. This made them impulsive and very active. One evening we were enjoying a rented vhs disney movie. We were sitting in the girl’s bedroom eating popcorn, watching some princess and prince trying to fall in love. Out of nowhere, sweet little girl #1 shoved a popcorn kernel into sweet little girl #2’s ear. Deep. Very deep. We had to go to the hospital to get it out.

We came home and I settled the girls into bed. I had just kissed them goodnight, tucked them into bed, and shut their door when I hear a blood curdling scream. Sweet little girl #2 shoved a popcorn kernel into sweet little girl #1’s ear. Deep. Very deep. Hospital trip #2 in less than an hour. Same nurse. Same doctor. Same questions, but with an “Um, didn’t we just take this out of her ear 45 minutes ago?” “Nope, different child, her sister got revenge.” CHAOS!!! No popcorn allowed till they are married!!!

Now I’m older, and (a bit) wiser, and I’ve realized that chaos has a life of it’s own. I now call him Mr. Chaos! I have accepted that he just wants to be a part of my life, wants to walk next to me and hold my hand. I now grab that hand and laugh at just how funny Mr. Chaos can be. And he keeps me on my toes.

He likes to make it rain just as I’m about to hang up the laundry on the clothesline. He will give us a flat tire when we have a hippotherapy session in the mountains. That stray cat we took in? Pregnant. Her kittens now have turned out house upside down. I have a huge roast to bake, oven breaks. We get popcorn as a special treat for youngest son, (yep, I finally allow it in the house again) and the microwave decides it’s done and wants to be put to pasture. Christmas is coming, and then my stepson’s wedding. I expect Mr. Chaos to be having the time of his life for the next few months.

His latest prank was to make our washing machine break mid cycle! I got to experience the joy of wringing out a large load of laundry by hand, and watching it take two whole days to dry in the rain… Funny Mr. Chaos. Funny. Good one! one… two… three…

Oh, and I homeschool. I can write a book about that one! Trying to keep an autistic boy (PDD and probably ADHD) focused and engaged is the definition of chaotic! Yep, Mr. Chaos thinks it’s hilarious to join in on the fun!

I think they invented coffee, chocolate, and other indulgences to send Mr. Chaos into the corner for a time out once and a while. Yes, he whines and sometimes yells, but when I have my coffee mug warming my hands, and that sweet elixir settling into my bones, it gives me a moment to pause, breathe, count to 3, and move on to the next crisis that Mr. Chaos has planned for me. Bring it on, my friend, I’m waiting!


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