Mazes, cutting, pasting, dot to dots, oh my! or all about Kumon books.

Fine Motor Skills is one of the biggest areas we are working on with Peanut. Those little fingers can take apart toys with ease, but put a pencil in his fingers and it becomes a sword, a light sabre, a teeter totter, even a catapult. Anything except a writing utensil. He finds writing and drawing so hard that he’d rather shove a crayon up his nose than use it to draw on paper.

Enter Kumon and their books. There’s books for cutting, tracing, pasting, mazes, even dot to dots. There’s even academic workbooks for math, spelling, reading, and other wonderful things! The age range starts at 2 years old for some of them, and goes all the way to grade 8.

These books are high quality and very cute! The colors are like magnets for kids. They beg to be used. Here is an example of a maze:

Easy enough for a young child, but still challenging, and not your typical black line maze. Peanut loves these!

The cutting books have fun things they can make, for example you cut along the grey line and then the monkey gets to eat the apple by moving the two pieces together!

Even the Uppercase Letters and Lowercase Letters books are very friendly and not intimidating to young learners


So far we’ve used the Upper and Lowercase letter books, Mazes set, Let’s Cut Paper set, Let’s Sticker and Paste, Let’s trace set, and Numbers 1-30. We’ll be using the simple addition soon. We’ve loved every one of them!

My Book of Number Games 1-70 InsideMy Book of Simple Addition Inside

When Peanut is ready, there is even some spelling books I plan to use.

Rainbow Resourses have a wide selection of Kumon books ranging from fine motor skills, math, writing, crafts, logic, and other important skills.I am very impressed with the quality and the fun they bring to learning.




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