Science and the Kindergartener

My little Peanut loves science. He loves seeing things change, expand, explode, and really loves the hands-on aspect of science. Remember, this kit is for ages 4 and up, but a 4 or 5 year old won’t grasp the concepts behind the experiments, they are just for fun at this age

.Image result for my first super science kit

We began the year with Timberdoodle’s Science With Tots Deluxe Kit which includes My First Super Science Kit from Be Amazing, plus Timberdoodle adds an oversized pair of tweezers, a second magnifying glass since the one in the kit is kind of inadequate, and a horseshoe magnet. Also included is Timberdoodle’s 36 week schedule of experiments.

Going through Timberdoodle’s guide, I soon realized that the 75 experiments touted by Be Amazing, or even the 36 experiments from Timberdoodle, was definitely stretching it.

For example, Week 1 – 5 is all about the magnifying glass. And week 1-5 should really be condensed into 1 week. Here’s what was in the guide:


  1. examine your magnifying glass and notice if the lens is convex or concave
  2. figure out if you like to use it close to the object or close to your eye
  3. look at a few objects with the magnifier and write down what you observe
  4. find the focal point
  5. use the magnifier to sort tiny photos

There are other weeks like this, ones where 2 or more weeks should really be just 1 week. I can expect us to do 21 weeks of experiments from this kit.

At first I thought this was not good, I need 36 weeks! but I soon realized that we do 1 science experiment on the last day of each week, BUT on the very last day of the month we do a project from one of our art kits. So this means I actually only need 24 experiments since 12 days are going to be for art instead! This means I only need to come up with 3 new experiments, or revisit 3 old ones and do them again.

After a couple of weeks, Peanut was begging for more science. I was searching online for a daily kindergarten science program I could download and print out, and I stumbled across Complete Curriculum Kindergarten and thought “hmmm, a full science curriculum for kindergarten 130 daily lessons, complete with teacher and student texts, it’s secular, even a top pick from Cathy Duffy, all for $11 or less! How can I go wrong?

Image result for complete curriculum kindergarten educents

Believe it or not, it actually is a great curriculum! Peanut and I are enjoying it. We’ve skipped maybe 5 lessons, but that’s it. The lessons are usually short, but fun. For example, the past 4 lessons have been about gravity, and today we are making parachutes to test out how gravity affects them.

Complete Curriculum K Science has 7 units:

  1. Science is Everywhere
  2. Senses
  3. Shapes, Pushes and Pulls
  4. Life Science
  5. My Earth
  6. I Dig Dinosaurs
  7. Energy

The units covers topics like different scientists, the 5 senses, shapes and postitions (including left and right, up, down, etc), force and motion, gravity, magnets, living things (animals, plants), food chain, rocks and minerals, environment, soil, and dinosaurs.

Complete Curriculum also offers Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language arts all bundled together for under $30. I’m seriously thinking of getting the grade 1 bundle next year, and possibly the Language Arts K after Christmas.


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