A box called Happiness

Picture a box. Let’s make it the size of a shoe box. Wrap it in your favorite colours. On the lid is a sign, beautifully written, that reads “Happiness”. What would you find inside? What treasures wait for you?

Will they be material things? Jewelry, clothes, things you wear? Would it be collectibles? Would it be filled with photos of days gone by? What amazing things would it hold?

I think mine would be a combination of many things. Photos of family, friends, fun days we had. It would be small souvenirs I treasured like the little stuffed dog my daughter gave me for Christmas, the ceramic santa and sleigh, complete with reindeer, my mom used to set out every year at christmas. That small piece of amethyst my father gave me when I was a child. The videos of days gone by. It would hold the scent of my mom’s perfume. The scent of my grandma’s cookies baking for Christmas.

It would also have journals that were never written. I would love to read the pages of the lives of those I hold dear to my heart. To know my mom, my dad, my grandparents. My husband. My kids.Even some of my friends. I would love to experience their joys through their eyes.

It would hold photos of some of the happiest days of my life. The moment I met my future husband. The time when asked me to marry him. Our wedding day. The birth of all my children.

Music! It would have an MP3 of the songs that hold special meaning in my life. “Beautiful”, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, “Follow You, Follow Me”, “Pinch Me”, “Songbird”, “House at Pooh Corner”, “Forever Young”, “Rock Me Gently”. “Lazy Song”. “Hate that I Love You”, “Bruises”… and so many more.

This poor box would be bursting at the seams, and I’d be adding to it often. More journals, more little trinkets, more memories of this beautiful, joyous thing that is my life. I can honestly say that this life of mine has had some serious sadness, but the joys and happiness that I’ve had along the way has made every tear worth it.

On days where the tears want to flow, those days I feel helpless, sad, alone, I’d take that box out from it’s storage space and carefully open the lid. I’d go through everything, knowing the memories can be bittersweet, but I would also know I’d soon be smiling and laughing.

Maybe it’s time to start my very own, real life Happiness box!


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