Going back to basics in Math!

So we tried out Math U see, it was pretty good until we came to a roadblock. More than a roadblock. It was a boulder on top of a mountain of stones, surrounded by a lava moat! A steaming pile of impassible destruction. Well, a steaming pile… Can’t get through that one for a while!

Next, we tried Math Mammoth, and I really love it. It is so crisp, clean, colorful, and a joy to use. BUT… it’s meant for grade 1, not Kindergarten. Peanut isn’t ready for it yet. We WILL use this as our math curriculum next year, and maybe even for years to come. I’ll even start looking for an abacus so we are prepared for it!

So now what? I need something simple. Something basic. Peanut needs to learn to count to 20. Why oh why is it so hard for him to remember the numbers 13-17? Some days I think its so adorable, some days I want to bang my head against a wall in frustration.

As I was looking at the various math books, one stood out. MCP Kindergarten Mathematics! Could this be my answer?

MCP Kindergarten is all about the numbers 1-20. Counting to 20, adding to 20, subtracting from 20, and even deals with telling time by the hour, and simple fractions!


It starts gently, counting to 5, counting to 10, then counting to 12. Peanut flew through 8 pages per day, and his confidence is at an all time high in math now.

After counting to 12, it goes to telling time, then begins counting to 20. Then order and place.


Addition is next


then subtraction



eventually leading to a total comprehension of the numbers from 1-20 and a bit beyond. This math text may take Peanut a couple of months to do, or may take the rest of the year, but the visuals, the simplicity, and the lack of blocks as a distraction (hahaha, no need to “irish” up my coffee!) makes this a total joy to use. I’m pretty confident that when we’re done this book, that steaming pile of rubble will have cooled down, and we can follow the path the Math Mammoth has laid out for us!


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