Math Curriculum,take two…

So now I’ve shelved Math U See. What the snot am I going to do now? Cry, whine, complain? Yep. I gotta let out my frustration. I don’t want to look for another math program… no no no (said while jumping up and down, stamping feet loudly)!

sigh… okay, tantrum over. Back to being an adult.

What do I need? Something with minimal manipulatives. Something bright, colorful, but the pages can’t be too crowded. I want lots of ‘white’ space on the page. Not too many problems because I don’t want Peanut to get overwhelmed. Something fun.

AHA! Math MammothImage result for math mammoth

Yes, I think I found it! THE curriculum for us! It is bright, colorful yet clean and not overwhelming. But wait, Grade 1? No Kindergarten??? Hmmm, Grade 1A says it deals with addition from 0-10, so maybe it would be a good fit. Let’s give it a test drive! I downloaded the PDF sample pages, and I really like what I see!

First things though, does it need any manipulatives? YES! it needs a 100 bead abacus for the 1st grade. It also recommends base 10 blocks of even beans, straws, something that you can use to count with.

So why no kindergarten Math Mammoth? As quoted from their website:

“What about kindergarten math? At what age is it appropriate to start your 1st grade books?

There are no Math Mammoth books for kindergarten, but I’ve written a fairly comprehensive article about kindergarten math to use as a guideline. You can start 1st grade once the child can write and recognize numbers, count to 20 (preferably to 30 or beyond), has mastered basic concepts of equivalence, more, and less; and has a basic idea of addition.

Sometimes kindergarten-age children start with MM 1-A and there’s one topic there that can become a frustration point if the child is not ready for it. It’s the topic of “missing items” or missing numbers in addition problems, such as 2 + ___ = 5, or even simpler: 2 + ___ = 3. The idea is to ask the child, “2 and how many more makes 3?” Objects can also be used.

This particular lesson, “Missing Items,” is fairly early in 1-A. If this lesson presents problems for your child, then he/she is not ready for 1st grade math. In that case, you could get one of the recommended kindergarten workbooks for the child and wait a month or a few months before trying again.”

Okay, so Math Mammoth may *not* be the perfect fit right now, but you never know. Let’s give it a try!

Peanut loved the colors, the cute pictures. He even was able to do the first few pages…

Image result for math mammoth grade1 sample page

Image result for math mammoth grade1 sample page

Image result for math mammoth grade1 sample page

But I realized this was not at his level. Maybe in a few months, but not yet. It was exactly the problem from the quote on their website about “missing items” that put the breaks on our math journey. Peanut struggled with the concept, so we did what the author recommended. We will wait a few months, instead we’ll concentrate on mastering the numbers 1-20.

Image result for math mammoth grade1 sample page

Okay, so we set it aside for a while. But yes, yes, yes, we will definitely be using Math Mammoth, maybe even for a few years. I now have Math Mammoth grades 1-6 and have already printed out grade 1A, punched holes in them, put it in a binder, all ready to go for when we’re ready for it! I like this even more than I liked Math U See. I may use the manipulatives from Math U See for Math Mammoth!

But wait… What in the Snot of all that is Holy am I going to use now for math? Find out in my next post… 🙂


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