“30 lists” Challenge

I love taking some time every day to write. I have been journaling off and on since I was a child. Something about the stationary aisles draw me in. Seeing a new, blank journal, fresh new pens, colored pencils, markers, even Washi tape sets off my need to get my thoughts and dreams onto paper.

With all the changes in my life over the past 10 years, my inspiration and will to do any writing has taken a back seat. In fact I think it may have jumped out of the car while it was still moving, ran away to live with the wild things, but it’s found it’s way back to me and it wants to stay.

Here on the Island, there are no Staples, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Walmart. I can’t just run out and get lost in the aisles of blank journals and colorful stickers. Sigh…  So I make do. I printed out some dotted grid paper, punched holes in it, and put them in a binder. It worked “okay” but it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Somehow, having the right tools makes it more personal.

I’m going to transition over to a plain spiral student notebook for now. Yep, the kind that has 3 subjects, complete with blue lined paper. If I don’t like it, I’ll just rip the pages out and put them in the binder I started, and call it a learning lesson.

To get me back into the writing habit, I began using the daily inspirational writing prompts and journal prompts.  I’m also starting with the 30 lists in 30 days challenge so all these will get my writing kick started again.

I already keep a planner for Peanut’s homeschool, writing in what we did each day, how it went, what works, what doesn’t. Ideas for change. It’s my homeschooling brain dump. I also use the Pretty Pretty Planner to keep track of my own day. I use it to plan meals, cleaning, appointments, and other life events, but it’s basically a planner, not a journal of my thoughts and dreams.

So now, as my coffee mug is begging for a refill, Peanut is waking up, and my new “journal” is begging me to put pen to paper again.


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