Homeschool weeks 8 to 10

We finally finished week 10 of school, and it seemed to fly by. More things changed, some stayed the same. Most of all, we had fun.

October brought us a Gastro virus, so Peanut was pretty sick during week 8. I decided that we’d put off school for a week, maybe two, but Peanut had other plans. Sick as he was, he was begging for school.

I gave in, and on week 8 we did reading and math. Peanut loves math, and even though we only did one page a day (we usually do between 4 and 6), he really had fun. We use Math U See Primer, and it comes with manipulative blocks. He loves building stuff, so of course during math he builds rocket ships, tanks, cars, and whatever else he thinks of. Week 8 was no different, and he spent probably an hour each day that week just playing with those blocks.

This past month, Peanut began to learn to add up to 10, and count up to 20. Since Math U See Primer is just a gentle introduction to math, he doesn’t have to master the concepts or even get the answers right in order to move on. He just has to become comfortable with the manipulatives, and get used to hearing terms like “add”,”plus”, “equals”, etc.

I break Language arts up into handwriting, reading, phonics,spelling, and read-alouds.

For handwriting we are still plugging away with Getty Dubay’s Italic Handwriting A. I also suppliment with Scholastic’s alphabet packets, and a few printouts found free online. Peanut’s fine motor skills still aren’t developed enough to hold a pencil properly, but he’s still trying. He even wrote his first independent word without any prompts or help this month – “DAD”! Yay!!!!!!

Reading. Oh reading. We use The Reading Lesson and we began lesson 3. We also use Alphabetti Phonics, a free and very effective reading program. With Alphabetti, Peanut has mastered 18 sight words already! We also suppliment with Bob Books. They seem to go well with both Alphabetti and The Reading lesson.

Phonics is a tricky one. At first we didn’t have a phonics curriculum, but after hearing such good things about Explode the Code we began using it. So far, Get Ready for the Code is gentle, fun, and we do 4 pages a week. I think i’ll bump it up to 2 to 4 pages a day, Peanut is flying through it fast.Although it’s technically phonics, it does teach handwriting and reading too.

Spelling is harder. Peanut doesn’t have the handwriting skill yet, so we use letter tiles from The Measured Mom. A totally free download, all you need is a printer, some cardstock and a laminator (I just use clear packing tape instead). Using the tiles, I ask Peanut to spell out the words we use from Alphabetti or The Reading Lesson. This month he learned a few more words.

All together, he has learned to read and write the words: at, hat, cat, rat, sat, mat, dad, sad, bad, can, nan, man, ran, am, sam, hen, men, ten,bed, red, had.

Geography is not one of Peanut’s favorites. We did all we could from Beginning Geography and will pick up where we left off next year. Now we’re using Daily Geography grade 1 and it’s working well. We  do about 2 plus weeks per week right now, and we finished week 7 last thursday. It’s pretty much learning about the four directions, pretty easy and gentle.

We also continued with Kumon Amazing Mazes and Kumon Cutting Skills for more fine motor practice. I also made some home made play dough. Gotta work those little finger muscles!

Art isn’t a huge hit, Peanut doesn’t like coloring too much. I offer him a coloring book to work on every day, but he isn’t a fan. I try to alternate between crayons, colored pencils, and even markers, but he really doesn’t like to color much. He does like sticker books though, and books like Sticker Dressing and Sticker Activity books are a HUGE hit! Peanut also did the fish from Djeco Light Clay and it turned out so cute!14702331_10157627718235068_6544428303498452816_n



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