Evening bliss


Peanut is sound asleep, the house is empty save for the dog at my feet and the kittens busily pouncing on each other. The house is finally cooling off, one more day come and gone.

There are lots of things I *should* do; dishes, sweep, mop, maybe even write out tomorrow’s lessons in the planner. I should, but I won’t. Having alone time, late in the evening, is a very very rare gift.

I’m spending time tonight listening to the crickets chirping outside, and just savoring the moment. My tea is perfect, the best ending to a very stressing day. The only thing that would make it better would be to be sitting under the stars with Hubby, chatting about everything and nothing.

So before I get too immersed in blogging, I’m going to hit ‘publish’, log out, then gracefully slide my computer chair away from the desk and go relax the rest of this glorious evening.

Till next time…


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