Life, as I know it…

Today was one of those strange days. I woke up to a quiet house. Hubby and Peanut were still gloriously dreaming away, snuggled up under the warm blanket. The cat and her kittens danced around my feet as I shuffled into the kitchen to put the kettle on for my morning coffee. My stepson was already gone, he is in college and has a very long commute.

After feeding the mama cat and her brood, I let the dog out and set out his food. The morning air was still and the sun was saying good morning. I could tell already that it was going to be another brutally hot day. I watered our pepper plants and quietly came back inside. Ahhhh, coffee is ready.

Usually the first hour or so when I get up is my time. No kids, no pressures of the day yet. Just time to let myself be myself. First thing I do while sipping on my coffee is check Facebook to see how my (adult) kids are back home. See if anything is new, and just make sure they are okay. Then I take some time to read through anything interesting there, and maybe even read a few blogs I like. Today was no different.

Life kicks into gear when Peanut wakes up. There’s cuddles and hot chocolate. Then he gets a while to cool off and wake up, usually by getting on the computer and watching a few youtube videos. Today it was leap frog, Super Why, and a few science shows.Yes, I said a few. It was just too hot today to do any work in the day. Once it started cooling down, we did our homeschooling. We were all done by 4:45 and Peanut did wonderfully.

Normally Peanut spends the evenings playing with his trucks, or driving the dog bonkers. Tonight, that was different. Hubby’s dad needed to go to the hospital, so as we waited for the ambulance (Hubby’s parents live right next door to us), Peanut played in our front yard. Although having an ambulance come to your home is never a good thing since it means someone is very sick, it really made Peanut’s night. Peanut is truck crazy. His favorite trucks are construction trucks and emergency vehicles. He even got to show the EMT his ambulance truck. How exciting for Peanut.

Hubby called a while ago, they managed to stabilize his dad. I’m so glad he’ll be okay. I love that man so much. He reminds me of a gentler time. Knowing my husband, and the kind of man he is, I know his dad and his mom had a lot to do with shaping this amazing person he has become.


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