The flexibility of Homeschool

Captain’s homeschooling log, Stardate 201609.15.

Two weeks ago we encountered hostile aliens. Ensign Peanut was attacked on October 2, and was left with a fever and gastro virus. Although the doctor gave him medicine on Tuesday, we still needed to have an emergency visit to the hospital the next night. Relief didn’t come until last Sunday.

Ensign Peanut, although battling this virus, still insisted on visiting the mathematical department. He is one tenacious crew member. Always eager to learn.

This past week, Ensign Peanut again encountered strange hieroglyphics in the linguistic lab, but he is beginning to understand these new letters. He is deciphering these strange words, and although not too sure of his findings, he has tentatively read the words “men” “hen” and “ten”.

Also in the linguistic lab, Ensign Peanut attempted to write some of these mysterious hieroglyphics. He had difficulty with the letter Q and G, but he was able to spell his name with help, and he also struck out on his own and wrote the word DAD all by himself without any prompting. I have to admit, Ensign Peanut deserves a commendation for this amazing feat.

Ensign Peanut then began to refine his mapping skills in the cartography lab. North, South, East, West, were explored. He also was able to identify  features on a map, and was able to accurately identify areas on a map of a classroom and an apartment building.

The Science lab is where Ensign Peanut enjoys to be. This week he explored the concepts of push vs pull, as well as location such as over, under, beside, in front, behind, etc.

While Ensign Peanut enjoys learning, he also enjoys other pursuits. This week he visited the art lab, and created some fine works of art. He also likes to spend time doing brain exercises such as figuring out mazes, putting jigsaw puzzles together,and playing MiniLuk. He also really enjoys creating with play dough, which will keep him occupied for hours.

Next week we hope to encounter new adventures, but for now, we rest. Captain out.


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