Welcome October

October 1st is the “unofficial” start of autumn to me. Yes, I know officially it’s September 22 this year, but since childhood, September was back to school. October was Fall. The air gets crisp, leaves change their colour, and the squirrels are all frantically storing every nut they find.

Who can resist jumping in a huge pile of leaves? Not me, and I’d still do it given the chance. Memories of fires to burn the leaves, toasting marshmallows, hot cocoa, days a little shorter, nights a little brighter, more stars, even that first morning when instead of dew, there are frozen puddles.

Here in the Caribbean there is no Autumn. In fact there is no Spring, Summer or Winter either. We have Dry season or Rainy season. Right now it’s rainy season. I miss the ebb and flow of the Canadian seasons sometimes.

Also, October 1st is national lace day. I’ve been tatting lace since I was in my early teens. They say it’s a dying art, but in the past few years I’ve seen a small but steady growth in people taking up the bobbins. This extra large tatted lace doily is an example, and it took me six months to make it. It was a Christmas gift for my dad last year.


And this smaller one took me about 2 months to make, and was another gift.




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