Contentment. A state of peaceful happiness.

What does contentment look like? For me, it’s me and my husband sitting outside on a cool autumn evening, coffee in hand, chatting about everything and nothing , watching the sun set and the stars come out, while Peanut plays in the big back yard. I know it’s only a dream right now, since the Caribbean doesn’t do cool, doesn’t do autumn. And we don’t have two chairs (I love those wooden Adirondack chairs). And we don’t have a big back yard for Peanut¬†to play in.

So in reality, what is contentment look like right now? It’s taking a starlight walk in the savanna while Peanut runs around. It’s driving around without a set destination, just enjoying the ride. It’s making stops along the way and trying new things. It’s the feeling I get when my husband wraps his strong arms around me.

It’s taking time to enjoy those simple pleasures that many overlook or take for granted. A good meal that was lovingly made. A good book, a dog at my feet, a cat curled up on my lap. Rainy days. Closing my eyes and feeling the wind play with my hair and listening to the sounds around me. It’s seeing flowers bloom that I once planted in the ground as seeds. It’s weeding a thriving garden. It’s just being one with the moment.


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