To boldly go and learn…

Captain’s homeschool log, stardate 201609.22.

Our ongoing mission to explore new worlds, new civilizations, to boldly go and learn what we have never known before.

This past month ensign Peanut has discovered the elusive addition theory and has begun to understand the concept of adding numbers together. He also has visited the science bay and explored the five senses. Not to rest on his laurels, he then proceeded to linguistics where he discovered what the strange hieroglyphics mean, translating such words as mom, dad, mad, sad, bad, can, ran, man, nan, and has begun to read them on sight with ease.

For recreation he enjoys intellectual puzzles like MiniLuk, jigsaw puzzles, and Morphun building blocks. He has also spent time in the fine arts lab where he creates his colored pencil, crayon, and painted masterpieces.

Ensign Peanut also spent time in cartography where he studied the plains, valleys, mountains, hills, deserts, and tundra.

We are now going to enjoy some shore leave, but we should be resuming our heading in 10 days. Captain out.


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