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Going around in circles…

I have been going around in circles, the debate in my head between two great curricula. Oh how I love BookShark for so many reasons. I love the books. I love the 4 day schedule that is all laid out for me. I love the “open and go” factor. I love the choice of Handwriting Without Tears and Math U See, and it even offers Life of Fred! To round it out, add an art program from them like Artistic Pursuits with optional supply kit, and voila, an entire year of education for about $775! What’s holding me back? Well, my little peanut appears to be a kinesthetic learner. He has mild autism. He very rarely wants to sit and listen to a story, do a worksheet, or color a picture. He wants hands on stuff. He needs to touch, to play, to build, to do things. Yes, he has some moments in the day where he loves to just cuddle up, listen to me read, but to be honest, I don’t see this program working for us till he’s older.

So what to do? Well, there is a great option for Kinesthetic learners. A company called Timberdoodle has pulled together some amazing curricula from all over, and combined it into grade packages. They have both christian and secular options, and you can customize the packages to suit your needs. The only thing I worry about is the amount of workbooks in this curriculum. For the package I am choosing, there is 2 for Language Arts, one for math, one for geography, plus the Developing the Early Learner set. He also may view the doodle and drawing books as workbooks since he is not a fan of coloring! So why choose this curriculum? Oh for the ‘goodies’! It also uses Math U See, and Spelling You See too. It emphasizes thinking skills with things like Little Piggies Smart Game and Pajaggle. It incorporates STEM with things like Morphun Blocks. It’s science is hands on. It has art. It has puzzles. It even has Thinking Putty! So why am I hesitant? It has no literature. None. No read alouds. This means a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the library, hoping they have a decent selection. I would prefer a home library. But for under $720, this is a great deal and I know Peanut would do well with it.

I did stumble upon Rainbow Resource and they offer some awesome literature packages. Read Aloud Kindergarten books, Read Aloud Science books, and the enrichment guide for it. I can see myself saving up for the science book set. It’s also available for Grade 1 too!