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Beginning our Homeschool Journey

I have been homeschooling Peanut for almost 8 months now. We use a combination of many great preschool alphabet units, mostly from  zoomin moving alphabet 3 DinosaursHappy Blessed Home A-ZConfessions of A Homeschooler, and a few others. We are following a 4 week on, one week of schedule. This works well for us, it prevents burnout because we know that no matter what week we’re on, a week off is no more than 4 weeks away! We also take holidays off, birthdays too. This leaves us with about 20 days wiggle room, so if someone gets a flu, or Momma just wants a sanity day, we have no problems with taking time off.

We will be starting the letter O next week, this is our week off. We do one letter a week, and it’s been going great. Peanut has his good days and bad days, but generally we get through our work within half an hour or so, and another half hour for the educational games.

We also have started the book “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”, and I’m very impressed. I mentioned that Peanut has Autism. His vocabulary is steadily growing, but nowhere near a neuro-typical 5 year old. I wasn’t sure if he’d understand TYC, but after 10 lessons, he’s actually reading! We do one lesson a day, even on weekends and weeks off, because reading is an everyday thing, something to enjoy, not to be lumped in with “work”.